Why Love!??

I used to ask myself this question.

I just really thought that I couldn’t live without it. And by “It” I mean the intimately kind of love.

Where I have a boyfriend who treats me like a queen and I treat him as my King!.

Until he breaks my heart, we break up and DONE!.. I don’t wanna fall in love again.! Funny right!??

For the short while that I have lived, for the few relationships I’ve been in I have come to know that LOVE doesn’t really have to include a sexual meaning in it. Loving yourself is LOVE, loving your Friend is LOVE, loving your Family and everyone around you is LOVE.

And LOVE Is what everyone needs and not the sex nor the money!..I mean yeah..providing for your girl is important but just imagine the day that you can’t provide for her!?? She’ll either leave forever or just cheat on you. Now imagine the same scenario with a friend, Everything changes then,

A friend is always there..through the ups and the downs, through the tough and the better, through the storms and the lucky days..

I bet now you must have found out where I am going with this. I can say that I proudly know someone who has lived off feeling the love present within her community that she’s been too busy to notice that she needs an intimate partner. Self Love, Community love and Family love can do that for you.

Intimately….Well you can find the happiness that you want but of course..It’s the short tell happiness that am talking about here.